Is Bonus Hunting Dead? Long live bonus hunting!

It is safe to say that from the moment of their appearance on the network, online casinos blackjack online began to lure customers with generous bonuses, making every effort to attract as many visitors as possible to the gambling house. Yes, in the early stages, when mmc 996 casino malaysia were just developing, bonus programs were very interesting.

As a result, some enterprising gamblers noticed that it is not necessary to play and risk your money, because you can simply browse casino sites and collect bonuses, having received a good profit.

But casinos stopped throwing money around quickly enough, as the number of so-called bonus hunters increased significantly. Indeed, the players received bonuses at the first opportunity and removed them from the system.

Indeed, at one time bonus hunting brought large incomes to those who were engaged in it. According to available data, residents of the Scandinavian countries have been particularly successful in this direction, which led to the fact that casinos massively limited bonuses for this region.

What did it lead to?

When the wave of bonus hunters subsided, stories about successful bonus hunters who could make huge profits at the casino began to appear on the network like mushrooms. But the realities are such that it is now becoming very problematic to engage in such a business, and in some cases it is completely impossible.

Why is that? For those readers who have doubts, there is a recommendation – try to get the bonus yourself and cash it out. To fulfill all the conditions of the wager, it will take a lot of effort and according to the available statistics, most of the casino customers who received bonuses are not able to wager them.

Yes, there used to be effective tools for getting a bonus and circumventing bans, but today the casinos themselves found out about this, and it will definitely not be possible to do anything.

The purpose of such publications is very simple – by all means to lure the player into the casino, use obviously unprofitable bonuses and leave money. In some cases, they try to sell a training course to the gullible reader for some money, which will help them learn their craft.

The situation today

Bonus hunting is dead and that’s a fact. An unpromising direction that is not worth it. Perhaps sometimes great deals will slip through, but this, as they say, is one in a million.

Do not trust the authors of articles that promise incredible profits on bonuses, if they really exist, it is more profitable to use them yourself, rather than share them with someone. And if you’ve heard the story of some “bonus hunter”, think – isn’t it too good to be true?

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